Ryan Jacob CAE: Training and Mentorship for Traders

Ryan Jacob of CAE: Training and Mentorship for Traders

Trading is both an art and a science; one that is best learned by exposure to actual trading markets and firms. Ryan Jacob, CEO of CAE, believes that existing academic programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels do not prepare would-be traders for the demands of the job, in terms of technical skills and soft skills. These skills are only acquired on the job; that is, when the trader is out on the field.

The training and mentor ship program is a two-step process in which new employees are gradually exposed to different facets of the trading industry. The first phase, the Training Program, begins on the employee’s first day on the job, and lasts for two months. It is composed of both classroom-style and on-the-job training where the employee becomes part of an apprentice pool for a more seasoned trader. This gives the new employee the right opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the industry while contributing to overall company productivity by helping prepare required transaction documents and attending client calls.

The second phase, called the Mentoring Program, is more intensive as each new employee is assigned to a Senior Trader or Partner on a one-on-one basis. CAE chose this training model as mentorship fosters a more open environment free of management constraints, where new traders can discuss trading concepts and gather valuable insights from industry veterans. Formal Mentoring begins as soon as the Training Program has been completed, and lasts for a year. The bond created between the teacher and student as well as the lessons learned from the program, however, last well beyond the duration of the program.

The fast-growing capital asset trading industry is in constant need of fresh minds that are willing to learn from scratch. For Ryan Jacob, there is no better place than CAE for teaching the skills one requires to become a successful trader.

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