Ryan Jacob: CAE Principles and Values

Ryan Jacob: CAE Guiding Principles (Part 1)

This is Part One of Capital Asset Exchange & Trading’s piece on the company’s guiding principles as explained by Ryan Jacob. CAE is committed to provide buyers and sellers of secondary equipment a safe, comprehensive, and effective marketplace in which they can do business.

Since Capital Asset Exchange & Trading was founded in 1982 in Menlo Park, CA, the company’s ten core principles are what have guided and enabled it to deliver value to clients time and time again. Here are the values that make up CAE’s foundation:

Objectivity – We put a premium in objectivity, period. This means both buyers and sellers can turn to us for a sound view of the market and the assets they are looking to buy or sell. As we thoroughly assess each asset and situation that comes our way objectively, CAE is able to strategically position itself as a key middle men, who are powered by a safe and comprehensive platform that creates and seizures opportunities for clients as they unfold.

Results – Our team of traders are results-driven professionals. We are proud to say that we judge ourselves solely on our ability to help our clients be successful. Whether it’s closing a tough deal or sourcing secondary equipment in another continent across the world, our team is motivated by the results we generate for our clients. We believe this bedrock commitment and loyalty is what makes our services invaluable.

Pattern Recognition – In this day and age, there is no excuse not to wield the power of technology. This is why CAE heavily uses data and analytics to understand fundamental patterns and the market in real time, to take advantage of the fluctuations in supply and demand and adapt to buyer and seller behaviors. As the market changes, we too are on the run, ever ready to provide clients relevant insights to help them make informed decisions and further, to take action.

Meritocracy – We are a progressive organization. To be more specific, we promote and provide rewards to our staff based on merit and merit alone. This means anyone who puts in the time, effort, and dedication to deliver stellar results are handsomely rewarded. Apart from nurturing client relationships, CAE also values its employees, which is why we have created very competitive growth and compensation packages for our employees.

Openness – At CAE, only the best ideas win. We find strength in our diversity, as all of us come from different backgrounds, therefore bringing along unique perspectives. We value insight and critical thinking above all else, and will not hesitate to hear and credit out-of-the-box solutions that solve our clients’ problems. We believe our openness is what allows us to grow and to adapt to ever changing market trends.

This is Part One of a two-part special piece on CAE’s values and principles as explained by Ryan Jacob. For more about CAE, its history, and its accomplishments, we encourage you to browse other pages of this website.

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