Ryan Jacob CAE: Front End Processing Equipment

Ryan Jacob of CAE: Front End Processing and Equipment

Front end manufacturing refers to the first part of of integrated circuit (IC) fabrication where transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. are patterned in the silicon wafer. An ultra-pure silicon layer is deposited on a substrate by doping silicon tetrachloride and hydrogen at very high temperatures, usually 1200°C. A few other steps follow, including chemical-mechanical planarization, wafer cleaning, well formation, gate module formation, and source and drain module formation.

Such a complicated and sensitive process requires high-precision equipment. CAE has a full inventory of front end processing equipment for the semiconductor industry. This includes diffusion furnaces for the growing of silicon crystals, as well as machines for molecular beam epitaxy. We also have etching and chemical-mechanical planarization equipment, photoresists, and ashing machinery. To complete the front end processing cycle, we also have furnaces for annealing and UV exposure systems.

The equipment that are available on our marketplace come from different manufacturers, most of which are major players in the industry, such as Philips, Hitachi, JEOL, Hewlett-Packard, Centrotherm, Varian, and Dainippon.

Both buyers and sellers of semiconductor front end processing equipment will find it convenient to conduct their business through CAE. With our vast network of over 1,200 existing suppliers and buyers, connections are made instantly to reach deals that benefit all parties. We also handle packaging, shipping, and installation of all equipment to get them up and running as soon as possible.

CAE is the capital asset exchange of choice for semiconductor manufacturers, with product lines for all phases of the manufacturing process. We have thousands of pieces of equipment in our online Marketplace. We aim to serve our clients by providing them with fast and efficient service. To know about the products that we carry and the service that we are known for, visit our website or contact Ryan Jacob of CAE today.