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Ryan Jacob of CAE: Facilities Equipment

Facilities equipment are machines that are utilized to keep the environmental settings and cleanliness levels of semiconductor manufacturing facilities at a constant level. The observance of these settings are needed to maintain the quality of the output and to ensure the comfort and safety of workers inside the premises.

These include equipment such as industrial chillers, heat exchangers, gas cabinets, leak detectors, particle counters, power supplies, heavy-duty pumps, and residual gas analyzers. Industrial chillers and heat exchangers are used with precision air conditioning units to automatically adjust the output temperature and humidity level according to prevailing environmental settings. Leak detectors are used to identify potential hazardous gas leaks, which are always a risk when it comes to semiconductor industries. Particle counters are used to determine the quality of liquids passing through them, something that has to be constantly monitored as liquids can be a source of contamination for sensitive electronic components. Finally, residual gas analyzers are used to monitor vacuum quality levels in semiconductor fabrication facilities.

CAE hosts a wide range of heavy-duty facilities equipment to fit every requirement and budget. Our online inventory includes many recognizable names, such as Airedale, Ingersoll Rand, Siemens, Huettinger, Pacific Scientific, and Okuma, sourced from our partners all over the world.

Since 1982, CAE has successfully built and maintained relationships with over 1,200 clients, including some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers and academic research institutions. This allows us to quickly identify where semiconductor facilities equipment is needed, and where we can get the said equipment; we often close deals in less than 24 hours. We pride ourselves in our ability to get the best value for our clients’ money and our experience in logistics and import/export processing is unmatched. To find out more about the services that we offer, feel free to contact Ryan Jacob of CAE today.