Ryan Jacob CAE: Capital Assets for Semiconductor Manufacturing



Ryan Jacob of CAE: Semiconductor Industry Capital Assets

The semiconductor manufacturing industry is heavily dependent on capital assets for its operations. Capital assets, in the broadest sense, include property, plant, and equipment, and should not be sold within the regular course of the business’s existence. While we at CAE do not carry any real estate or buildings, our marketplace does have other forms of capital assets that are in wide use throughout the different phases of semiconductor manufacturing.

Front End Processing Equipment — Front end manufacturing refers to the first part of of integrated circuit (IC) fabrication where transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. are patterned in the semiconductor wafer. Typical equipment used in front end processing include diffusion furnaces, evaporators, scanning electron microscopes, reactors, wafer handlers and grinders, and lasers.

Back End Processing Equipment — Not to be confused with “back end of the line”, back end processing is also commonly known as “post-fabrication” and includes wafer testing, backgrinding, die separation and testing, and IC packaging. Typical equipment used in back end processing include electronic testing equipment, marking machines, packaging machines, and burn-in systems.

PC Board Assembly and Manufacturing Equipment — Printed circuit (PC) boards support and connect different individual electronic components such such as capacitors, resistors, and transistors. They are manufactured from non-conductive material, such as composites made of epoxy resin and glass fibers, with a copper coating. Some of the equipment that are used in PC assembly include PCB soldering machines, screen printers, and testing machines.

Lab Equipment — Laboratory equipment include centrifuges, lasers, microscopes, x-ray machines, fume hoods, spectrometers, and other items that are used in research and development.

Facilities Equipment — Facilities equipment are used in the day-to-day operations of a manufacturing facility. These include industrial chillers, leak detectors, emergency power supplies, machine tools, and particle counters.

Ryan Jacob assures you that CAE offers the safest, most secure option for the trading of capital assets for semiconductor manufacturing. Visit the CAE website to find out more.