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Ryan Jacob of CAE: Back End Processing and Equipment

Back end processing, often known as post-fab, refers to the last part of of integrated circuit (IC) fabrication where wafers are tested, dies are prepared and packaged, and final testing is performed. During wafer testing, special test patterns are applied to the individual ICs that are present on the wafer, and is performed using a wafer prober. Next, wafers go through backgrinding, during which wafer thickness is reduced to around between 75 to 50 μm to allow for high-density packaging of ICs. The wafers are then mounted on an adhesive film and individual dies are cut out of it. The individual dies are then housed inside any of a variety of packages to prevent damage and to support the electrical contacts which will connect the devices to the circuit board. Final testing of the finished IC follows, after which they are either shipped to equipment manufacturers or are attached directly to PCs.

This series of activities is no less sensitive than front end processing and also requires a clean room and precision-guided machinery. CAE’s equipment marketplace features a full range of post-fab machinery, such as tests and probes, grinders, die attachers and packaging machines, and final testing equipment. We also have marking machines for the packaged ICs, burn-in systems, scribing and dicing equipment, and spare parts for most of the products in our inventory.

The equipment that are available on our marketplace have been sourced from the largest names in the industry, such as GSI Lumonics, Ulvac, Accretech, Hewlett-Packard, Asahi, Alphasem, and Canon.

CAE has partnerships with over 1,200 clients and partners, including some of the largest research institutes and semiconductor manufacturers in the world. This allows us to get the best deals possible for our clients. We have thousands of pieces of back end processing and post-fab equipment in our Marketplace. To know find out more about our equipment, contact Ryan Jacob of CAE today.